Partnership Fund

The East Africa Trade and Investment Hub Partnership Fund

The Hub has a dedicated Partnership Fund to support African groups and firms adapt new technologies and systems that attract new investment and take advantage of regional opportunities. 

Through the Partnership Fund, the Hub issues grants and subcontracts to partner organizations, selected through a competitive process, that further the Hub’s main objectives in its four component areas (1) Trade Promotion and AGOA, (2) ICT and Investment, (3) Trade Policy and Regulatory Reform and (4) Agriculture and Agribusiness).

The Hub’s objectives are as follows:

-   Improve the policy environment for East African Community integration, trade, and investment

-   Increase the competitiveness of select regional agricultural value chains and bolster regional trade in staple foods

-   Promote intra-regional and export trade, particularly under the African Growth Opportunity Act

-   Facilitate investment and promote the use of available global technology

All grants applications must be fully consistent with the Hub’s strategies and priorities. The Hub will strive to ensure adequate coordination with implementing partners and other donor-funded interventions to avoid duplication of effort.

The Hub’s grants opportunities are advertised through a public notice using the Annual Program Statement (APS) and Request for Application (RFA) to ensure appropriate competition.

Grant Eligibility Requirements

Minimum eligibility criteria

Grants may be awarded on both a solicited and unsolicited basis. In order to meet minimum eligibility criteria for grant competition, applications must:

  1. Support outcomes and results consistent with and linked to the Hub’s intermediate results and objectives.
  2. Support activities within the Hub’s countries of focus.
  3. Be an institution registered and operating in any of the East Africa Community (EAC) countries Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi or AGOA-related support in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Mauritius and the Seychelles (Individuals are not eligible for grant funding.)
  4. Contain evidence of a significant cost share commitment in all cases.

All concept papers and applications will be screened to ensure compliance with all eligibility requirements.

How to Apply for the Hub’s Grants Opportunities.

The Hub’s request for applications (RFA) are advertised on the Hub’s website under the Opportunities with our Partnership Fund. RFAs are advertised on a need basis.

Evaluation Criteria

Grant applications that meet minimum eligibility criteria will be reviewed based on a more specific selection criteria, including the below The evaluation criteria below may vary slightly from time to time. The criteria will be updated in the relevant RFA, APS prior to release.

  1. Conformity to Hub’s objectives. The proposed activity must directly support Hub’s objectives and contribute to one or more of the intermediate results.
  2. Technical approach. Appropriateness of the proposed methodology, innovativeness, and ability to produce the intended outcomes. The technical approach must directly contribute to the achievement of Hub’s expected results and performance under the activity and must be measureable under one or more of Hub indicators.
  3. Cross cutting issues. Does the proposed activity incorporate gender issues into its approach?
  4. Sustainability. What is the probability that the activities will be sustainable for a longer period       without continued external support?
  5. Institutional Capacity. The organization must present evidence that it possesses the technical, managerial, and financial capacity to accomplish the proposed task.
  6. Environmental Compliance. Does the proposed activity meet environmental compliance criteria?
  7. Cost. The proposed cost should be within the expected range as mentioned in the particular RFA and should be reasonable, allocable, and allowable.
  8. Cost Sharing. What is the % cash and/or in-kind contribution from the grantee to the overall project? Is the applicant also partnering with other stakeholders to leverage funding?
  9. Type of institution/ personnel. Does the organization have a regional mandate? Do its staff have the required expertise in line with the Hub’s objectives?

The competency, suitability, and capability of eligible applicants will be evaluated based on the established criteria mentioned above. The Partnership Fund Director or his/her designee will prepare a written record for the evaluation committee’s results. The written record will account for how the application was evaluated in terms of the selection criteria, and will contain a recommendation with a justification for the final decision.